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About Contact Control Research Inc.

Serving the X-Ray Industry for over Twenty Years
Control Research, Inc., was founded in 1982 by its current owner, Lars Malmberg.

The company was a supplier and a consultant to ELEMA-SCHONANDER, division of Siemens Medical Systems, for many years. When Elema-Schonander needed a new automated mammography film viewer, we were awarded the contract to design and develop it for them. This mammography viewer, the Rolloscope M, became an immediate success and continues in production to this day. Later, we added the larger capacity Rolloscope ML to the line. It too has been very successful and quickly became our best selling product.

Following the demise of Elema-Schonander in 2000, we continued to sell and manufacture the product line, now under our own banners. To aid us in sales and marketing we chose to team up with BROADWEST CORPORATION, a cooperation that also continued for many years. Today, we sell through all major medical dealers and distributors nationwide.

We have now developed the Rolloscope MD, a combination of film and digital viewer to carry the product line into the digital era.

What's the Control Research Difference?

Engineering for intuitive operation
concentrate on the case, not the equipment

Solid construction
long lasting investment in increased productivity

Equipment designed and assembled by people who genuinely care
we think the users will notice

Technical support second to none
practically eliminates equipment downtime

A small, friendly company
talk to human beings, not voice menus!