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Digital Conversion Kit for Rolloscope MŽ Series Automatic Mammography Viewers

This kit entails a change to the desktop features of your existing Rolloscope viewer and allows space for insertion of the monitors for your PACS systems. With our new kit, the radiologist will maintain the comfort of reading all previous analog films as well as new digital images on one unit. It will save time, reduce fatigue, and promote concentration by not having to switch between two workstations.

The Upgrade kit includes:
  1. New desktop with a wider cut- out for 2 monitors.
  2. New Control Panel ( programmed and ready to use)
  3. Back support for monitors with side covers.
* Available for both the Rolloscope M (Model 131-001) and Rolloscope ML (Model 141-001).

131-008 Digital Upgrade Kit for Rolloscope M $4,650.00
141-008 Digital Upgrade Kit for Rolloscope ML $4,800.00