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Rolloscope M - Serial # 1031 - SOLD

Condition: Factory refurbished, VG to Excellent condition

This is an early version Rolloscope M which has been completely refurbished and brought up to latest specs. It is beige in color and is labeled Elema-Schonander but was manufactured by us.

It has been completely refurbished with a new transport band, new lamps and provided with the latest firmware. A rare opportunity to aquire all the functionality and features of a new Rolloscope M at less than half the cost.

The Rolloscope M series of fully masking viewers are effective tools to speed and enhance mammography film interpretation. Maintaining the largest capacity of films in all three sizes: 1,032 of 18x24 cm films (6-over-6), 688 of 24x30 cm films (4-over-4), and 258 of 14"x17" films (3 across).

With one touch they automatically:
  • Dim the lights between frames,
  • Bring up a new case,
  • Set the shutters to memorized masking configuration,
  • Return the original brightness in about 1 second per frame.

    They are designed to relieve time pressure and to promote more focused and productive reading sessions. With the highest luminance available, the largest film capacity, and the longest belt life, they have established themselves as the new benchmark among mammography viewers.

    Manufactured in our Chicago plant, we guarantee immediate assistance and quick turnaround for replacement parts or any additional help.

    Features & Benefits
    1. Automatically memorizes shutter positions on each frame. No need to push a Store button. The Rolloscope does it for you, then recalls the setting when you return to the frame.
    2. Complete control of masking size with four shutters. Control individually with toggle switches or all four with roaming joystick.
    3. Four presets switches allow storing of favorite mask sizes.
    4. Luminance seamlessly variable from 3% ( 350 nit) to 100% ( 12000 + nit)
    5. Low maintenance, long life by design. Film belt expectancy 10 + years.
    6. Illuminator fluorescent lamp life expectancy 3 to 4 years.

    Asking price $12,300.00

  • What's the Control Research Difference?

    Engineering for intuitive operation
    concentrate on the case, not the equipment

    Solid construction
    long lasting investment in increased productivity

    Equipment designed and assembled by people who genuinely care
    we think the users will notice

    Technical support second to none
    practically eliminates equipment downtime

    A small, friendly company
    talk to human beings, not voice menus!